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Welcome at the Sevastopol Hotels and Apartments site

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Welcome to the Sevastopol Hotel and Apartment  website.

We offer you an improvement to the lodging standards that until now have been found in Ukraine. As good as a hotel, and often at the price of a backpacker’s Hostel or a Motel, our holiday Apartment accommodations spaces are located in and around the nicest and most central areas of Sevastopol cities - if possible in the Old Town Centre or historic areas with good access to restaurants and museums. When you plan your vacation or business trip, take shelter with the company that cares. Make your reservation online and be our guest!


Sevastopol arms during the Russian Empire
Sevastopol Ukraine Russia
Welcome at the site of Sevastopol Hotels and Apartments, for a fantastic and beautiful holiday at the Crimean peninsula on the shore of the Black sea Riviera!!!!!!!
Artillery bay of Sevastopol® is the virtual gateway for you when you intend to take a break from your hectic daily schedule and search for Sevastopol Hotels and Apartments. Since Sevastopol lures in the maximum number of globetrotters to its shores, proper guidelines on Sevastopol Hotels and Apartments is a must for visitors.® is the web address that provides you a comprehensive list of Hotels and Apartments in Sevastopol at your fingertips. Through you will be able to browse through all quality accommodation options matching your budgetary limitations in Sevastopol Hotels and Apartments. Together with the stringent quality standards maintained by our expert staff, at, we guarantee you a comfortable and hassle-free stay at some of the best Sevastopol Hotels and Apartments.

Sevastopol is the tourist capital city of Crimea and whole of Ukraine and Russia as well. Apart from this non regular political identity, thanks to the huge expansion of the Russian Empire in the past, this city has the honor to be decorated with the title "City of Heroes" and now boasts of some of the most popular Sevastopol Hotels and Apartments. Sevastopol continues to be the City of Legacy in the great Russian empire , as today it is one of the historical richest and most beautiful cities in Europe with Hotels and Apartments under 300 days sun a year. In fact, the city of Sevastopol is one of a kind in the world situated at the one and only Black Sea Riviera.  Since this city is a global destination with an array over 2000 of world-class museum and monuments, need for Sevastopol Hotels and Apartments is always growing. It is also the residence of the great Russian Black Sea Fleet. Tourists flocking around The Panorama and Battlefields of the Great Crimean War an WO II are always in search of good Sevastopol Hotels or Apartments that warmly welcomes them with efficient services and best rates. And the famous Sevastopol public transportation ensures you that you are never far away from one of the total 200 kilometer long beaches of the Black Sea Riviera or the hustle of the Balsaja Morskaya shops. Anchoring one of the best Sevastopol Hotels or Apartments, visiting important sights of Balaklava, Inkerman, Massandra, Simferopol, Yalta and Sevastopol becomes really easy.

Come and enjoy the luxuries of Sevastopol!!

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