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Hotel and apartments "South" Sevastopol

Address: 99011 Ukraine, Sevastopol, Str. 4-I Bastionnaya, 28 / 2 also for your Hotel South in the centre of Sevastopol
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The hotel "South" Sevastopol

Sevastopol hotel: hotel in Sevastopol South, Ukraine.


Hotel South is a new modern hotel in the historical centre of the city Sevastopol. It is situated near the Historical boulevard and Panorama of Sevastopol's defence 1855-1856 and it is made for the comfortable rest of the guests that come to Sevastopol. The hotel was built on special projects and began to work in June 2007.

The hotel is built according to the special project in composition with the office-hotel complex and began to work in June, 2007.

The building of the complex is the best architectural object that was built during the last years. Only ecologically clean materials were used during the building and decoration of the hotel. All the rooms in the hotel South are equipped with the high-class furniture, elite orthopaedic mattresses, qualitative bathroom equipment, heating registers with the temperature regulators, windows and doors are made of the natural wood. The windows in the rooms, that are situated on the 7th floor, have the arch shape. Forged balcony fender resemble the old Saint Petersburg.

The hotel South is situated in the heart of Sevastopol L. Tolstoy wrote his "Sevastopol stories" here. The hotel South has 29 very comfortable rooms of 10 categories from 1-room standard to 2-rooms apartments and superluxe. The hotel South has 58 basic and 32 additional places available. The hotel is adopted both for the business tourists and the family rest. There is successful experience in holding the big corporative holidays and business conferences.


The hotel services are certificated.

You can select the room in our hotel individually with many parameters, including the height of the guest, type of the mattress (semi-rigid, rigid, super-rigid), a bath or a shower, presence of the kitchen zone, balcony or loggia, view from the window etc.

There is a restaurant with live music and good European cuisine in the hotel. Trainer hall, coffee-house, universal open sport ground will be opened in spring 2009. There are conditioners in every room, own boiler-room, 24-hour hot water, reserve diesel generator, reserve sources of the cold and hot water, Internet, satellite television, safe cells, ATM, conference-hall, car parking, own territory with relax zones, viewing ground etc.


The hotel South uses electro-preserving technologies, that's why the usage of the electro energy is available only with the special card, that is given to the guest during the accommodation together with the key of the room. Usage of these cards is simultaneously a very effective fire protection.


For providing the private safety of the guests there are:
- 24-hour video-observation of the halls, staircases, entrances and the whole territory of the hotel
- 100% passport control for the residents, and registration of all the guests coming to them
- 24-hour guard with the own guard staff, special alarm button


There is a special room that can be used by invalids on the perambulator. We take care of the health relaxation and fire protection of our guests, that's why it is forbidden to smoke in the hotel. There were guests from 49 countries here. Among that big amount of countries, representatives of which we had here in our hotel, we can note such exotiс countries as Namibia, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Guatemala, Lebanon. The most frequent visitors here in the hotel South are citizens of Ukraine (40%) and Russia (40%); Germany, Poland and France are in the lead among the foreign countries. It is interesting that no Chinese and Japanese citizens have been to our hotel (China is the most populated country in the world and Japan is the most travelling country). There were Norwegian ambassador, general consul of Turkey, diplomats from the USA, governors, senators and deputies from Russia, vice-ministers from Russia and Ukraine, generals and admirals, businessmen from many countries which present  the major companies of the world, soviet and Russian cosmonauts, well-known scientists, artists, sportsmen, TV- and cinema-making groups, travellers from all over the world on the cars, motorbikes and bikes. Guests of Sevastopol appreciate the hotel south for the European level of comfort, variety and well thought-out planning of the rooms, architectural look of the building, moderate prices and system of discounts, convenient location of the hotel in the historical centre of the city. And also complete prohibition of smoking is approved by all the guests who tries to do a health way of life.


Absolute majority of our guests (about 90%) wants to stay only in our hotel in subsequent, and they make it systematically. The list of the permanent clients is already over 100 people, and 10-15 of them come to us practically monthly. Participants of the "Big Peakless Cap" international tennis tournament lived in our hotel for 2 years running.


We are always opened for the people from all over the world and we wait for the broadening of the list of countries, citizens of what will decide in favour to our hotel South.


Hotel Sevastopol South - a new modern hotel in the historical city center near the boulevard and the historic panorama of Defence of Sevastopol 1854-55 biennium., A comfortable rest for the guests who come to Sevastopol.



Sevastopol South Hotel offers guests accommodation, arrived in Sevastopol on vacation or business trip.


Rooms Sevastopol South hotel is 29 rooms (single or double) class standard, suites, junior suite, suite. Each room is faced South, regardless of category, fit for a comfortable rest in Sevastopol.


All the rooms are South are equipped with high quality furniture, high-quality sanitary, heating registers with the possibility of temperature regulation, the windows of hotel rooms - glass with wooden frames - all made from environmentally friendly materials. The rooms, located on the 7th floor, the windows are arched shape. The windows in the rooms of the hotel blinds. There are rooms with a bathroom, there is a shower cabin. Several rooms have access to open balcony. The view from the windows of the rooms, overlooking the city center and the sea, as well as the view from the site survey is worthy of admiration and not leave anyone indifferent. All rooms: Each room hotel in Sevastopol South conditioner (in the Super - 2 pcs.), TV (satellite), telephone, refrigerator.


All rooms have 2 main beds - single and double beds.
Single beds, you can move along (№ 32, 33, 62, 64, 68, 74, 75, 78) - is to resolve the personnel administrator.

Rooms 52 and 53 for 2 beds with a width 1.4 m each.

There are elongated bed L = 2,2 m (№ 41, 52, 61, 63, 66, 71, 73) - for tall guests.

Orthopaedic mattresses 3 types - Semi-rigid, reinforced (№ 52,63,73). In the double rooms have two extra beds (sofa).


Number 53 at the Hotel Sevastopol South can be used for people with disabilities in wheelchair attendant +.









Hotel services South in Sevastopol.

South Hotel in Sevastopol provides the basic services that are included in price, and more, which is provided for a fee.


Basic services South hotel in Sevastopol

provision of rooms for accommodation,

cleaning rooms,

taking things to storage in a camera store,

Delivery Room correspondence

reveille at a certain time,

call an ambulance,

first aid,

making available hairdryer, iron with ironing board.


Hotel Sevastopol South takes willing to stop for rest in Sevastopol hour. In the room use is granted on a certain number of seats. If you want to settle in the number of additional guests and the room is equipped to house them, then such tenants are accepted for a fee. Twin or extra bed (sofa) is possible only with the prior written consent of the receiving room at a time.

Children under 16 years may be lodged at the
only with adults (parents or relatives).

Ongoing cleaning (cleaning of dust, debris removal, washing glasses and cups, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning beds, replacement toiletries) a day.

Each time after the departure of guests a complete cleaning (replacement clothes, disinfecting bathrooms, cleaning refrigerators, vacuum cleaning of carpets), and the apartments clean and washes dishes, electric stove, microwave oven.

On request guests may be exercised extraordinary change of clothes for an extra charge.

At least once a quarter South hotel in Sevastopol holds general cleaning (washing windows, cleaning carpets, upholstery, blinds).


Additional hotel services in Sevastopol include: booking (reservation) number, Luggage, intercity and international telephone calls, calls to mobile phones and other services on the attached list.  For all the additional services a fee.


RESTAURANT in Sevastopol Art Club BASTION

Restaurant Sebastopol Art Club BASTION is located in the hotel «South». Here you can order breakfast, lunch and dinner to your taste. Art Club «BASTION» up to 50 seats, including club-restaurant has a VIP room for 10 persons.


Cuisine restaurant. Art Club BASTION offers classic European cuisine are the calling card of course, missed the great Russian naval Fyodor Ushakov, Pavel Nakhimov, Vladimir Istomin, Vladimir Kornilov.


Music. In art-club BASTION 19.00 Live music is played different ways. Unobtrusive professional service, and popular music of 50's - 80-ies of the twentieth century, will create for you a good, relaxing atmosphere in the style of Art.


Art Club BASTION – is free from smoking.


Standing visit the restaurant can get a discount on the service club.


To get in the Art Club, you can log on to the outside street. In addition, guests staying at the hotel South may enter into a restaurant with a 4-th floor of the hotel. Tenants Hotel Sevastopol South have the right to a priority service at the restaurant.


Art-club BASTION works on the following schedule:
7.30 – 9.30 7.30 - 9.30
12.00 – 15.00 12.00 - 15.00
17.00 – 23.00 17.00 - 23.00


Restaurant in Sebastopol - coordinates

99011 Ukraine, Sevastopol, Str. 4-I Bastionnaya, 28 / 2

Art Club BASTION always glad to meet you!




Gym in Sevastopol is located on the 3 rd floor of the hotel South. Total floor area 184 m2, of which class is used directly under 148,5 m2.

The hall is divided into 2 halves: Hall, where there are direct fitness equipment, and facilities, with a playground for fitness. In the gym there is a women's and men's locker, shower and toilet.

*- Gym will begin its work in spring 2009.


PRICES FROM 35 Euro per room per night


  • Prices indicated are from.
  • Prices are indicated in Euro, only for your service and include all applicable state and local taxes.
  • According to the UAH exchange rate, price changes are possible.
  • Reservation costs: Half room price, per room per booking.
  • Reservation need 100% prepayment / annulations not possible.
  • Ask us the availability and amount during the period of your choice.



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